“From the first meeting, Barney was very nice and professional, he understood clearly, why I wanted copper gutters, ‘do it once, and be done for the life of the home.’ During the proposal process obtaining a few bids, Barney was responsive, with the follow up on the questions raised, and provided the copper gutter samples as requested. Just a couple small issues, is that the copper gutter brackets were moved, on some of the painted shingles. And I get it from the gutter installer’s point of view, you do not want to use the same holes for the two screws, as this could come loose in a short period of time. However, as a homeowner, I have to carefully, wood putty the two old holes and carefully paint the old bracket areas.  Again, not a serious issue, just a bit of a pain, for the touch up painting, up high, post gutter install. And the copper gutters look so nice and bright, my wife, would have preferred for Barney and his crew to wear some work gloves, to keep the human oil prints off the new shiny copper. Otherwise, the new copper gutters look great, and they really shine bright, copper is so very bright when it is new.  I highly recommend Certified Gutter, Inc. for new copper gutters in the Santa Cruz area.”
– Andrew W., Campbell, CA

They did a great job with my gutters- full replacement with mesh screens. Came in at a competitive price and very pleasant to deal with and cleaned up when they were done, hauling all old gutter materials away. Very happy customer!” – C L., Santa Cruz, CA

I got four bids on replacing my gutters.  I actually meet two of them in person, the others did the inspection when I was not around.  One thing I liked about Barney was he took the time to go through my color choices with a sample color strips.  When I was inside, I heard him take out his ladder and actually go on the roof of the house.  The other guy that I met did not do this.  His bid was not the cheapest, but it was fair and I decided to go with him. Barney said he would come out Friday, then changed it to Monday.  No big deal.  I left for the weekend Fri morning and came back mid day Monday.  I was expecting to see people working on my house, but there was nobody on the roof.  I was a little bummed, but upon  closer inspection, I noticed new gutters and they matched well with the paint scheme of my house.  I asked my neighbor what happened and he said a crew came out mid day Friday and started tearing out the old gutters.  They finished installing new gutters and downspouts on Monday, before I got home. I was difficult to get a hold of Barney that Monday, but I got ahold of him after hours and we talked about how I would pay him.All in all, it was a great experience and I’m a happy camper.”
– Gary H., Campbell, CA

We moved into a new house and the gutters were a mess.  Barney came out and took a look.  He was very thorough in his inspection and we talked through what the problems were and how to solve them.  He sent his bid out and it seemed fair.  His workers showed up when they said they would.  They were polite, got right to work, and made sure to keep all our gates closed to not let the dogs out.  Within two days they were finished and had completely cleaned up their mess. It rained that night and we were able to see for ourselves that they had fixed all of our problems and now the water flowed off of our property instead of making pools in our yard.  Barney and his crew are priced fair for the excellent service they give.” – Mary L., Santa Cruz, CA
Rain gutters is not something a homeowner expects to be overly concerned about, but upon purchasing a new house it became apparent our gutters were causing rot against the trim. I had no experience in this area, but they made it easy, came out quickly for a written estimate, and gave me a few options. One of those options involved a significant discount if I waited until after the rainy season was over when business slowed. It wasn’t a pressing issue, so I waited a few months and scheduled an appointment. The price seemed more than fair, they showed up and followed up as promised, and the work was professional. Therefore I would recommend them for anything and everything gutter related!” – Chris H., Santa Cruz, CA

Certified Raingutters has been cleaning out the gutters and downspouts on my house for 20 years. They do a great job cleaning the gutters, keeping them in repair and their prices seem reasonable to me. When it’s time to replace the gutters I’ll ask them to do it. They give a discount on cleanings if you call them in the late spring instead of in the middle of a rainstorm when you suddenly realize your gutters are blocked. So do them a favor and plan ahead! Sometimes, I’ve had office type problems with them, where a message doesn’t get through or people who are supposed to show up don’t. But their service has been so good so consistently over so many years that I’m willing to cut them so slack on this. I think a lot of contractors have trouble with the management and billing end of things. I once hired a different company because they did windows too and I thought I could get both things done at the same time. They did okay on the windows, but their gutter work was so slap dash that I had to call Certified to come out and do it over. That taught me a lesson. Stick with Certified.”
– J. D., Santa Cruz, CA

Barney and his crew replaced and added copper gutters to our house recently. The new guttering looks great – very happy with the work and the end results. The crew were fast, skillful and easy to deal with.” – Scott M., Santa Cruz, CA
We have used Certified two times, two homes- and are very happy with the service, workmanship and price! We also refer them to anyone who needs new gutters, repair, replacement, etc.” – Cindy S., Scotts Valley, CA
We have been using Certified Raingutters to add gutters and downspouts for about 9 years on all the homes we sell. They are very professional. They finish the job on time, keep the area clean and give us fair prices. A very professional organization. It has been a pleasure to do business with them.” – Daphne S., Aptos, CA